Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The OtHeR mE

I've learn't not to give too much,,

Because u'll neva learn to appreciate what i've done for u,

I've learnt not to love too much,,

Because, I'll be devastated if u leave me,

I've learnt not to depend/rely too much,,

Because anyhow, u gonna leave me someday,,

I've learnt not to trust too much,

Because it'll be too hurt if u broke my trust,,

I've learnt not too hate too much,,

Because I don't wanna be fucking hater that hate everything in her life,

I've learnt ,,,don't be too much on anything I do,

Because it will bring harm to myself,

EXCESSIVE is the word,,, it isn't good at all ,,not at all,,

i'd rather being a loner than letting u hurting me over and over again,,,

p/s ,,sonang cite kann,,kalau byk cgt makan?,,gemok,,kalau byk cgt gule?,,haa,,,kencing manis la ekaww,,,kalauu byk cgt tulih entry??,,haaa,ntahh la kann,,, kowg pham kan?,,jgn la lebih2 dlm buat something to,,,chill je keyhh,,,peace yaww,,!,,;)

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