Friday, July 1, 2011



hello guys, its been a while since i started writing back,, i dun't do blogging oftens ,,its just soo not my things which i do in my leisure time,


i noticed that i kinda scared of writing out what i've been feeling inside,

its seems that i ought to think of many consequences if i post the entry, like thinking TOO MUCH,, and towards the end,,i decided to just preserved it,,,keeping the thought secretly in my mind,,,erkk??

its my blog, its my property, my privacy, my right kannn? so mcm,,, SUKA HATI LAH NAK TULIS APE PON,,INI KAN BLOG AKU? ,haishh,,


merepekk je kejee,,,
huuu,,no,,seriously this is true,, juzz scared me off thinking of the person which i mean, which i indirectly story pasal hal dye,, drop by and reading my entry,,,

aku tanak sape bace2 ,,aku tamooo,,rimas lahh,,
hahaha,,pelikk bukan? ,terase seperti KEBEBASAN BERSUARA aku ditarikk,,


adekah aku terlalu PARANOID?

perasan org bace blog hakuu,,pdahal follower blom cecah angka puloh2 ponnn?

ouhh sudah terbajet DIVA pulakss,,poyo ade org nak stalkingg,,ngehehehe,,sorry peeps!

no offense guys, i'm juzz sincerely writing from my heart,,

have a good day everyone! =D

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